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Establishing a Sober Network GA Treatment Center

MentalHelp has partnered with several thought leaders in the mental health and wellness space, so we can help you make informed decisions on your wellness journey. MentalHelp may receive marketing compensation from these companies should you choose to use their services. Another benefit of a professional therapist is an assurance of acceptance. You may feel reluctant to admit certain things to the people you care https://ecosoberhouse.com/ about the most. This is because we usually cannot afford to have these close intimates reject or abandon us. Depending upon your situation, your therapist may recommend gradually disclosing some of these very private things to select people in your social network. Why make it harder by going it alone, or by trying to stay clean while surrounded by people who aren’t, or by people who don’t support your efforts?

what sober networking is and why it is important

TheAlana Recovery Center is a highly-rated substance abuse outpatient center with three locations in Georgia. Our Intensive Outpatient Program uses evidence-based, state-of-the-art treatment to help clients facilitate a sober and gratifying life. Set a plan to leave early if feelings of stress and temptation become too much. Feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable at functions like these is natural, especially early in the recovery journey. If you find that happens, leaving is the best course of action for protecting sobriety. Prior to attending a work function involving alcohol, recovering addicts should talk to friends, family or a mentor/sponsor about their concerns.

Having a Support System in Sobriety

If you want to add to your support network by developing a close relationship with someone you find attractive, then that’s just fine as long as you’re certain that you are ready. Just don’t forget to continue looking for someone who embodies the qualities we’ve already discussed. You might even consider dating another addict or alcoholic, as long as sober networking they also have a year and are solid in their recovery. There’s even an online dating website called Somebody Sober, geared specifically toward those who are serious about recovery and looking for someone who feels the same way. First of all, it should be said that anyone you know who is still abusing illicit substances should probably be left behind.

what sober networking is and why it is important

Although you may feel that you can get clean on your own, having a support system in sobriety makes your recovery manageable. If you wish to contact a specific medical detox center then find a specific treatment center using our addiction treatment locator tool.

Sober Social Networks

She is a current member of the Golden Key International Honor Society and the Delta Epsilon Iota Honor Society. Just because you do the right thing does not mean that it will be appreciated in the short term. But if that person comes to realize that you made a truthful observation in an attempt to save them from themselves, then they will come to respect you for it. If, however, you fail to say anything and that person succumbs to relapse without anyone stepping in to try and help them…well, you just may risk losing that member of your support network for good. The power of fellowship is felt in nearly all groups that gather for a specific purpose; especially groups with powerful missions like those dedicated to the recovery of addicts and alcoholics. Humans are innately social creatures that need to be around other people that share the same goals and interests.

  • Remember, even those with more time in sobriety than you will still need help every once in a while.
  • This website does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, physicians, products, procedures, opinions, or other information that may be mentioned on the Site.
  • We flourish from social interactions with people who support and understand us.
  • This is an international online community specifically for women in recovery from alcohol use disorder.

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